Eleven Songs

by Piglife

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Eleven songs that have yet to be released on vinyl.


released May 30, 2014

Vocals and words: Ken Leek
Guitar: Mike Spradling
Bass: Troy Oftedal
Drums: Cameron Olson



all rights reserved


Piglife San Diego, California

Piglife is made up of four guys who have a love for music played heavy and fast with a DIY ethic. Former members of Doomlit Sky, The Neighbors, Titanarum, and Cattle Decapitation.

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Track Name: I Dare You
Hate the poor, take what they have/ Claim their lives are not so bad/ Say welfare shouldn’t exist/ Spend thousands to test their piss/ Taxes too high but not for war/ Fault those with less not with more/ Show empathy, you say, “What for?”

I dare you to try to survive in this illusion you call the safety net. Then for once, you might see how your most basic needs can’t be met
Feed your kids from food stamps, coupled with the shame of being unemployed. The way you portray this as a luxury, you should be absolutely overjoyed
Try to go get one of those jobs you steadfastly claim that the wealthy create. If you’re lucky enough to ever get hired, you can work full-time at part-time pay

So, what’s it like? How does it feel? Relying on charity for your each and every meal
Turns out it’s fucked. It’s not so fun. Now that you’re the one who’s been labeled as worthless scum
Your intentions mean nothing. Your efforts are mocked. Been back to the drawing board so many times you’ve run out of chalk
You’re deemed as useless. Unemployed for too long. Now you’re the scapegoat and to blame for all that’s wrong
Track Name: The Fight's Over
The clock seems to be set on fast forward and still nowhere is where I’m heading towards
A lifetime of work and a bag of shit in return. Living to make the few rich while they scoff at what we earn
You’re lucky to be employed; that’s the mantra we’re fed. Repeatedly talked down to as the lesser than
Stressed and exhausted, yet no sense of accomplishment. I’m just not convinced this is how life should be led

I’ve thrown the towel in the ring/ There’s no such thing as The American Dream/ I’d rather starve than work for the establishment

Fuck society and social status- it fucking makes me sick
and financially based relationships- it’s all the same shit
Working jobs I hate shrouds every day in ugliness.
Chasing a way of life, that for me, doesn’t exist

I’ve thrown the towel in the ring/ There’s no such thing as The American Dream/ I’d rather starve to death
Track Name: The Cock's Come Home to Roost
How the fuck do you manage
to do anything on your own
Stealing others work
and attaching your name to somebody's logo
I'll be the first to admit
we're not reinventing the wheel
But we have our own name
As well as our own imagery; it's our own fuckin' deal
Respelling metal militia
Give me a fucking break
Ripping off Slayer's Whermacht
taking pride in being unoriginal and fake
It's fucking bad enough
when mainstream companies
scavenge the underground
to make their undeserved piles of money

But now the cock's come home to roost!

How many times do I have to see
the Bastard skull as an other's identity
If you can't come up with your own shit
do us all a favor and call it quits
We're all recycling what's already been done
so make your noise and have your fun
But do you have to be so obvious
when following in your idols footsteps

The cock's come home to roost! The cock's come home to roost!
The cock's come home to roost! The cock's come home to roost!
Track Name: The Elite
Wasting, burning, consuming more than they need
Invading, violating, enslaving third world countries
The elite, they spread disease
By controlling, orchestrating, and profiting from human misery
Amassing, stockpiling, and hoarding pharmaceutical companies
Warring, bombing, then rebuilding with government financing
Denying, misinforming, and lying

The elite, they run free, like wild pigs with a never ending appetite
The elite, they use slavery, just like robots, their workers labor day and night
The elite, they reign supreme, just like a king ruling with unquestioned authority
The elite, they spread disease, just like a virus decimating those in poverty
Track Name: The Heart
Compartmentalize; What the brain wants to do
Judge and label; Quickly define the truth
Overanalyze what’s been said and done
Living in the past; Nothing’s new or fun

Overplayed script; How life will be
Closed off to life’s possibilities
Future predictions; Everything is bleak
Misled since youth that life is misery

Once again, head leads me astray
Eye on trivial- Wasting every day
Goals unclear due to insecurities
Life through my head has only harmed me

The ego has a story to tell. Its favorite tales involve a life in hell
The past is gone, future doesn’t exist. Live for the moment or suffer the consequence
Rational decisions, compassionate choices; Blurred by the mind and its endless voices
Despising one’s self and hating others; Addictive traits complimenting one another
Live through the heart. Don’t just live through your fucking head
Track Name: Self-Driven Demise
Television set… it’s always on
Friends and family… long fucking gone
I live on the couch… covered in sores
Junk food, alcohol, internet porn

Downward spiral without a bottom to hit
Closet full of clothes which no longer fit
Front lawn of dirt and dead, dry weeds
Attic full of mementos nobody needs
Roaches on the floor, maggots in the sink
Only reason to live is for another drink

Obesity sets in/ hygiene neglected
Teeth rotting away/ life in decay
My aspirations have been limitations
For me to actualize self-driven demise
There’s not a thing you can do for me
Get out of my life and leave me to die

Fired from my job, told never to come back
Motivation, drive, and will, all of which I lack
Social interaction, I can no longer bear
My future and well being, I don’t fucking care
My children want nothing to do with me
It’s all the better for when I set myself free
Toe on the trigger, the barrel in my mouth
Corpulent carcass bloats in a forgotten house
Track Name: Being
Finding the bliss of simple existence in social isolation, free of condemnation
Void of intimacy or codependency. Life has no meaning, just the experience of being

I want to live without labels or judgments in which the ego has no influence over decisions
No need for approval or self-validation through the procurement of items or sexual relations
Removal of doubt, regret, guilt, or shame, accepting all that is, unconcerned with who’s to blame
Living just to be, not for the next thrill, finding all that is within, leaving nothing to fill
Just the experience of being… just the experience of being
I am through with defining myself by man-made terms and conditions
Rating my value of what I’m worth according to society’s expectations
The shame and guilt due to my lack of financial success is losing its grip
As I stray from preconceived notions of a how a man’s supposed to live
Track Name: Let It Go
Another day, it passes by / Becoming an old man in a blink of an eye
Solo plan, it’s all I know / Love my freedom but I don’t want to die alone
Starving artist til my death / A lifestyle that chases away the opposite sex
Outcast muck, a way of life / From employment to relationships, I just can’t get it right

Piss off the mainstream just by existing / I overhear their scorn when talking of people like me
Predictable, typical, and unsurprising / Detesting a person for not making much money

Another year, it goes by quick / I was productive as hell but didn’t earn shit
Glitz and glamour, not for me / I could give a fuck about what the rich are doing
I just want enough to get by / Instead of fretting over funds that are always bled dry
Life is tough and life’s unfair / What’s the point of worrying? Why even care?

I burden my family just by existing / Half-baked plans of stability with life spans of flies
Predictable, typical, and unsurprising / When all turns to shit no matter how hard I try
All turns to shit no matter how hard I fucking try

Fall down, fail again
Fuck, I’m only human
To hold that against me / doesn’t reflect upon you highly

Label me and judge me
Assign me an identity
A primitive way to comprehend / the prejudice thoughts in your head

My mind’s quick, my heart’s gold
and my soul hasn’t been sold
It’s no longer up to me / If that’s something you can’t see

So, fuck it all, I’ve let it go
A new day starts tomorrow
Sure it’s just the same ol’ shit / But I’ve no need to cling to it
Track Name: This World
This world… This fucked up world that we live in
and the injustices we’ve come to accept as a given

This world… This fucked up world that we live in
and the atrocities to which we’ve been conditioned

Men and women, and even children, living without shelter / without food
Dying of malnutrition while the modern world turns its back / unconcerned / with what to do
Meat produced from filthy factories pumped with hormones / to feed the west
Lab animals tortured in hopes of a cure for meat’s diseases / sick irony / at its best

This world… This fucked up world that we live in
Track Name: Tyrant
Born spoiled and raised greedy
He flaunts his-riches-and-jewels
In front of

The hungry
Work their pathetic lives away
All for his-bounty-and-power
They are shown

No mercy
For their lives filled with hardship
All those who-toil-in-his-name
He views as-beneath-him

Beneath him, beneath him… his clock punching drones
Beneath him, beneath him… and one day he’s

Alone with no yes men, audience to brag to, not one sincere friend, everyone but he knew, the respect he was given, wasn’t true at all, completely abandoned, his kingdom falls… it falls!

The tyrant will-still-live-well
No penance

For his crimes
Rich stay rich and poor stay poor
There’s no justice-in-a-world
Controlled by

Karma skips over the wealthy rulers and only applies to the poor
Track Name: Retirement
It looks like I have finally reached my end point
The time has come for me
To throw my trusty, spit encrusted microphone away
For the most part, I’ve had some really good times
But I’m tired of half ass
And that’s the most you can get out of bands at my age
I want to thank those who gave a shit
You’re more valued than you know
But it’s not worth it to play at home again and again and…
It’s nobody’s fault but my own
I held on to a dream for far too long
My aspirations are mine alone
Pointless to hope others will come along
I’m leaning towards another path
I’m going into retirement
I’m not gonna live like an old man
But, as for now, this is the end
And it’s a good thing
to progress and grow
New adventures and new journeys
require the past to be let go
So, that’s it. Entering retirement
So, that’s it. This is the end. This is the end.
So, that’s it. Entering retirement
So, that’s it. This is the end. This is the end.